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Professionals 2261

570 The Entrance Road Bateau Bay

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We are different – we believe that property sales is a calling. One that enables us to match buyers and sellers together to achieve the best price and the best outcome through the right advice. 

Many people think that sales is a dirty word- a bit unsavoury and not something that good people can make a career out of.

Simply put we believe that helping you move onto to your new home or the move into it is one of the best things anyone can do.

We are not big on hype and we will always tell our Sellers what the real, current market prices and circumstances are. Just as we will only ever recommend the marketing that is appropriate to you, your property and your desired outcome. 

For Purchasers we will take the time to really understand what it is that you are looking for and then we will only show you properties that we believe meet your described needs. 

We don’t play games – we believe that you deserve more respect and that your time is too precious for any of those shenanigans.

We are simply on a mission to bring to the 2261 postcode the professional real estate sales and services that has been lacking for so long.

We’re different.

We’re professional and we’re here to stay.

For the right advice there is no-one better in 2261.



The Property Management Department at Professionals 2261 uses a mix of experience and the latest in technology to deliver to our Landlords and their Tenants the most professional service on the Central Coast.

In a typical Agency a Landlord and Tenant are allocated to a single property manager who is responsible for looking after the best interest and needs of all concerned and this works well until the Property Manager is on leave or away sick…then it is hard for the current state of affairs to be easily established and acted upon.

At Professionals 2261 each Landlord and Tenant are still allocated to a Property Management expert who will be their main point of contact. The difference is that by using the latest technology if your property manager is away for any reason one of their professional colleagues can at the touch of a button or 2 bring up the full history and current status of any property managed by us.

This way no-one falls through the cracks. Landlords and Tenants alike get an entirely higher level of service and care than has been the norm in the 2261 postcode – just another way we are the Professionals when it comes to all facets of real estate and property management.

And to top this off we have what we believe is the best property management team on the Central Coast. Each property manager lives locally, has years of experience, is savvy, beyond competent and able to deliver the best outcomes for everyone – Landlord and Tenant alike.


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